How do I refill my Sodastream gas?

You can swap your empty Sodastream canister at most Woolworths and Coles for around $19-$20.

Some petrol stations also sell gas cylinder refills for between $19-$25. If you forget to take your empty canister, you’re looking at $35 for a spare, full cylinder.

Normally, refilling the gas canister for your soda maker can be a bit of a pain. It’s simple enough to find somewhere near you to do it, but it’s easy to forget to take your empty cylinder with you when you go to the shops, and who wants to make another trip just for that?

Make life easier, order a Bubble refill for $18 with free, same day delivery.

Never forget to take your Sodastream cylinder to the shops again.

The only downside is that now you won't get to see that couple in the homeware aisle of Kmart arguing over patterned throw pillows, but you can’t have it all.