Is it worth buying a Sodastream?

If you love sparkling water then buying a Sodastream or other soda maker is definitely worth it. Not only does it make perfect, sparkling water in your own home, it reduces the environmental impact, is more economical and has myriad health benefits.

If you enjoy 1-2 glasses of sparkling water a day, you will break even on the cost of the Sodastream within the first few months, when compared to the same amount of store-bought sparkling water. You will also cut down massively on the amount of plastic bottles you get through. Plus, if you want to add flavours to your sparkling water, you’ll be much more in control of your sugar intake!

The true cost of owning a Sodastream though, is the time-consuming task of refilling the canisters. Maybe you don’t have the time for yet another errand or maybe you’re just tired because the uni share house next door was yelling at each other about Marxism in the backyard until 4am. Take it inside, comrades.

Take this off your to do list permanently.

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