What do you do with empty Sodastream canisters?

Most people get a Sodastream so they can have refreshing, sparkling water on tap in a convenient and environmentally friendly way, but the reality of refilling the gas cylinder means that it becomes another task they don’t get around to.

When your Sodastream gas cylinder runs out, you can swap it out for a full one at some petrol stations, as well as most Woolworths or Coles, for between $19-$25.

But what if you want to take the leg-work out of this process?

Maybe you don’t have the time for more annoying errands, or, like me, you're avoiding a certain bus route because last time some high school kids laughed at your shoes :(

Easy! Simply order a Bubble canister for only $18 with free, same day delivery.

Yep, cheaper than you can get at the shops, plus free delivery, on the same day!

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