What happens when you forget to leave a canister out, or you want a new canister with no swap?

I forgot to leave out my empty canister! What happens now?

If you forget to leave out your empty, no worries! We won't leave you high and dry. We'll still leave a full canister, and charge your account an extra $10. Next time you order from us, just leave out that extra empty and we will credit your account the $10 back. All square.


You order 1 Bubble refill for $18.

You forget to leave out your empty!

We still deliver a full cylinder.

Your account is charged an extra $10.

Your gas is running low. Now you have to empty canisters.

You order 1 Bubble refill for $18.

You leave out 2 empty canisters - the new one and the previously forgotten one.

We deliver 1 Bubble refill.

We credit your account with $10 for the extra canister!

I don't have a canister to trade in, I just want a new canister!


Just buy a refill for $18 and on delivery, you will automatically be charged an extra $10. So it's $28 for a brand new, full canister, including delivery.

What a deal!

I need to buy a canister!

If you've bought from us before, we can make this super quick. Go here.

If it's your first time, go here.