Where can I refill my Sodastream gas?

You can get a refill for your Sodastream at most Woolworths, Coles, and some service stations for between $19-$25.

Refilling the gas canister for your soda maker can be a bit of a hassle. More often than not you end up in Sodastream purgatory - the period between it running out and you remembering to take the empty cylinder with you when you go to the shops.

There are a few places that will swap them for you for between $19-$25. But that can be time consuming, not to mention the possibility of running into that neighbour who keeps trying to show you 6 minute Friendlyjordie videos on his phone while you’re trying to get to your car.

Better not risk it. Order a refill from Bubble and get free, same day delivery for only $18.